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What would a good GoHighLevel automation be?

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Ben Spray

Managing Director of We Are Marketable

With intuitive workflow automation capabilities integral to unlocking GoHighLevel’s mammoth small business growth potential, what separates good automations incrementally improving existing processes versus transformational sequences accelerating results 10X?

Let’s decode crucial pillars setting apart effective GoHighLevel automations for ambitious UK SMBs seeking substantial business expansion:

Automate Previously Manual Tasks First

When assessing automation opportunities within resource-strapped UK small business environments, the quickest wins come from transitioning repetitive essential workflows managed manually into bot-powered sequences. Think lead follow-up, data organisation, personalised bulk outreach and more.

This lifts immense work off human staff availability freeing mindspace for more strategic initiatives. Even modest workflows like new lead admin tasks often suck up hours weekly better spent on complex problem solving for example.

So when configuring initial GoHighLevel automations, rigorously audit bottlenecks dependent on mundane spreadsheet updating, copy-pasting campaign tasks or scheduled data syncs wasting productivity. Transition these into scheduled bots powering along 24/7 by designing templates once.

Target Multi-Channel Workflows

Too often, SMB automations fail driving noticeable impact by remaining siloed to just one channel or media. Yes, scheduling email delivery provides partial relief but misses big wins from integrating workflows across website pop-ups, SMS follow-ups, dynamic landing page updates and more for surround sound influence.

GoHighLevel eliminates such fragmentation by consolidating previously disjointed apps like email tools, customer data platforms, landing page builders and more under unified dashboard. This hugely expands options for choreographing multi-channel sequences based on granular customer intelligence for 10X outcomes.

Don’t just set basic email drips. Craft nurturing flows spanning tailored content pushed via web push notifications, SMS convo bots and contextual landing page experiences triggered by user signals for unignorable traction.

Build Upon Small Quick Wins

While elaborate multi-channel automations might seem the pinnacle outcome to kickstart, pragmatism wins in prioritising automation rollouts. Start with basic workflows like new lead admin tasks providing quick productivity lifts. Once perfected, stack further functionalities.

Attempting complex multi-channel automations often slows speed to value early in launch cycles due to overengineering. Lean into GoHighLevel’s template libraries for common workflows to establish momentum with quick hits providing credibility for more advanced automation. Tiny gains accumulate into enterprise-class infrastructure.

Customise for Audience Relevance

With GoHighLevel’s finite design team unable to predict every unique client requirement within pre-built automation templates, don’t get restricted by out-the-box limitations. Customise workflow triggers, eligibility criteria and messages per audience traits for relevance.

For example, client lifecycle automations will differ vastly across consulting partners needing corporate procurement nudges vs ecommerce buyers desiring cart abandoment savings. Even lead nurturing workflows should align to micro-personas, industries and niche pain points.

While template examples provide solid starting point, personalise frameworks for bespoke resonance avoiding one-size fits all redundancy which frustrates subscribers. Granular customisation powers relevance.

Automate Data Hygiene and Organisation

Beyond directly interacting with customers, automations resetting neglected areas like data hygiene and pipeline reporting also drive immense value ensuring teams make sound decisions backed by organised insight versus guessing.

Configure sequences automatically detecting outdated lead records based on activity thresholds before routing them for closure or re-engagement. Set automated alarms flagging stuck deal progress for accelerated management intervention. Dashboards visualising latest sales metrics empower faster goal calibration too.

Such structural automation creates trajectory for sustainably scaling UK SMBs without outgrowing infrastructure.

Build Feedback Loops Driving Continuous Improvement

Finally, the hallmark of strategically impactful automations is incorporating feedback loops which continuously provide intelligence for self-improving iterations taking impact far beyond initial goals.

A basic sequence may engage new leads, but what happens post campaign? Channel two-way data into CRM for analysis. How many converted successfully? Which messages or offers resonated best? Where did workflow breakdown?

Feed such customer signals back into automation design for ever-evolving sequences staying razor sharp and aligned to evolving micro-preferences even as market needs shift. Never get stagnant despite exponential growth.

In summary, drive maximum marketing automation impact for fast-growth UK SMBs by applying the above principles taking workflows beyond basic task relief into intelligence-infused architectures perpetually refining performance at scale. Growth compounds faster when the flywheel never stops spinning!


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