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What are GoHighLevel’s top 5 features and what do they do?

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With intuitive marketing automation and scalable functionality fast cementing GoHighLevel’s position as an emerging champion amongst UK martech investments, what specific features within this platform truly differentiate GoHighLevel against alternatives for ambitious businesses seeking an all-in-one growth engine?

Let’s explore 5 of GoHighLevel’s most game-changing capabilities that modern UK SMBs praise for revolutionising business expansion minus headaches integrating disjointed apps or costly specialists.

#1 – AI-Powered Funnel Building With Conversion Rate Optimisation

Central to GoHighLevel’s lead generation prowess is the intuitive funnel builder allowing both seasoned UK marketers and new entrepreneurs to craft high-converting sales funnels faster than ever minus coding or reliance on external agencies. Leverage GoHighLevel’s library of professionally-designed funnel templates and pre-built workflows for rapid customisation or build new sequences from scratch using flexible canvas.

Either approach lets UK teams incorporate the ideal balance of educational content, irresistible lead magnets and carefully-planned calls-to-action nudging prospects towards conversions across channels from emails, web forms to direct mail. Funnel analytics expose drop-off points too for continuous optimisation boosting ROI.

Where GoHighLevel truly ups the conversion game is its AI-powered CRO capabilities. Let GHL’s smart learning algorithms A/B test aspects like email content, subject lines or even send times against response data to determine optimal configurations for your UK niche. The system runs continual experiments in the background to squeeze higher conversion rates, freeing up human marketers.

#2 – Automated Multi-Channel Lead Engagement

A perennial challenge for fast-growth UK companies is scaling personalised lead engagement across overflowing sales pipelines using traditional manual touchpoints like calls or emails alone. GoHighLevel resolves this through its multi-channel campaign orchestration capabilities centralising previously siloed communication channels from email to SMS, web push, direct mail and more!

For starters, flexible audience segmentation options let UK teams group prospects based on attributes like lead score, interests or demographics for targeted messaging alignment. Map out sequenced nurturing journeys spanning Email, SMS and even smart chatbot interactions for 24/7 support. Personalise nurturing content using merge tags inserting subscriber names or company details automatically too.

With campaign execution taken care of behind the scenes via automation freeing up UK marketers, GHL’s unified platform also ensures full visibility into multi-channel prospect engagement minus juggling disjointed apps or records. Track open rates across channels and engagement with specific content pieces to double down on what resonates best with your audience.

#3 – Robust CRM and Pipeline Tracking

An integral element cementing GoHighLevel as a Swiss army knife martech solution for modern UK SMBs is its expansive in-built CRM providing complete visibility into all prospect and customer interactions no matter the channel, campaign or user—solving once and for all the challenge of scattered data.

Unified profiles automatically capture every conversation touchpoint from emails, form fills to SMS click-throughs against each lead for complete context during sales follow-ups or success team handovers. No more digging through disconnected spreadsheets struggling to piece together fragmented activity records that hurt conversions!

Pipeline management and advanced segmentation tools also help UK teams cut through noise and define rules identifying warmer inbound prospects for prioritised nurturing by sales reps based on interaction patterns. Monitor pipeline health across the buyer journey too with visual funnel reporting on lead volumes and drop offs. Activity history tracking further empowers rep coaching.

#4 – Instant Multi-Channel Lead Capture

GoHighLevel makes lead capture from previously untapped channels effortless for UK businesses instead of solely relying on limited web forms. Deploy customisable chatbots, surveys and contact forms across websites using drag-and-drop builders without dev resources for wider prospecting. Engage site visitors through targeted pop-up or exit intent messages driving lead magnet downloads.

Embedded social media lead flows allow instant capture of promising followers from networks like Instagram or Facebook too. For location-centric businesses like retailers, prompts for check-ins or reviews build high intent prospect lists also shareable across teams in the unified CRM profiles.

Lead intelligence syncing with platforms like Zapier or PieSync further qualifies captured prospects, scoring them by demographic fit or intent signals for automated nurturing onwards saving admin hassle.

#5 – White Label Agency Management

An unexpected jewel making GoHighLevel invaluable for scaling UK digital marketing agencies and consultancies is its white label client management environment. Easily create separate sub-accounts with custom branding for respective clients to collaboratively manage campaigns, access real-time reporting insights yet with secrecy assured for other client data.

Selective permissions allow staff handling different agency clients to view only relevant prospect profiles and campaign analytics securing privacy. Central oversight by leadership still allows high-level visibility of aggregated pipeline health, profitability and resource allocation across the client portfolio for maximised growth.

Such white label access greatly enriches how UK agencies demonstrate strategic value beyond ad-hoc tasks to every client through transparent workflow automation and data insights—all while protecting client confidentiality.

In Conclusion

From amplifying lead generation via AI-optimised sales funnels and multi-channel automation to providing robust CRM with unified data plus white label management for agencies, GoHighLevel delivers an elite martech stack for fast-growth UK SMBs in one seamless platform.

Minimise overheads traditionally associated with fragmented point solutions or manual processes dragging progress through legacy tech debt. Instead access enterprise-grade infrastructure and future-proof scalability out the box with GoHighLevel helping drive the next stage of explosive UK growth through leverage, not just labour!


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