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Top 5 SEO tips for Construction Companies to help in increase ranking within Google

Ben Spray

Ben Spray

Managing Director of We Are Marketable

In today’s digital marketplace, robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies determine lead generation success for contractors. With 93% of prospects researching purchases online, brands without an integrated SEO program lose considerable sales opportunities within key referral channels like Google.

Local customer searches for terms like “best kitchen extension builders in Birmingham” or “Edinburgh architect commercial design” are hijacked by savvy competitors optimising web properties earlier. By neglecting powerful yet sustainable SEO strategies, construction companies fail to achieve page one visibility when it matters most to capture lead attention.

This comprehensive guide outlines the top five fundamental SEO techniques focused contractors deploy to consistently lift website rankings, qualified traffic and sales conversions long term.

Tip 1: Optimise Google My Business & Industry Citation Listings

The starting point for effective local SEO is ensuring complete and fully consistent listings on Google My Business (GMB) and 50+ top citation sites across categories like construction, architecture and trade services.

This involves painstaking updates figuring out and correcting even tiny inconsistencies in business name, full address, telephone and primary email details that prevent profile aggregation. Precise matching signals strong validation to Google’s algorithms – rewarding aligned GMB and citation profiles with preferential local pack visibility for mobile and desktop searches.

Contractors able to unify listing data reap the rewards of prominently highlighted GMB location boxes featuring driving directions, maps and click-to-call buttons. With 61% of searches on Google now involving local intent, properly optimising GMB provides tremendous visibility otherwise unattainable purely through website efforts.

Citation listings also enrich search presence with additional images, description details and web links helping reinforce relevance. As competitors drop the ball keeping directories updated after initial setup, consistently monitoring and maintaining accurate contractor citations over time compounds into significant search visibility advantages.

Tip 2: Proactively Generate More Positive Online Reviews

User-generated reviews significantly sway customer selection today, with over 97% now consulting ratings and recommendations prior to contacting contractors for major renovation or new-build projects.

Forward-thinking construction brands actively encourage customer reviews upon project completion across Google, Facebook and third-party ratings sites. This provides authentic social proof on expertise and service quality for prospective leads researching options.

Positive review content also informs search engine algorithm assessments, especially within localised contractor and trade speciality searches. By showcasing satisfied customer experiences directly alongside portfolio examples, contractors reinforce credibility during buyer evaluation stages.

Taking the effort to request feedback, monitor review site notifications and publicly respond to praise or critique demonstrates commitment to transparency as well. Review response comments in particular reassure potential new customers on company culture and communication channels for issue resolution.

Such thoughtful management of review profiles – both proactively generating acclaim and constructively addressing criticisms – contributes enormously to customer trust signals used within Google local pack rankings and associated click-through rates.

Tip 3: Craft Compelling Location-Specific Blog Content

While fundamental technical components like page speed and mobile responsiveness enable baseline SEO capability, producing niche content remains the primary ranking accelerator for contractors specifically.

Industry analysis reveals localised searcher demand for specifics on services like “Birmingham bathroom remodel contractors”, “Manchester architects specialising in commercial builds” or “Edinburgh structural engineers residential.” Such unique long-tail keyword groups are where less competitive search potential exists for contractors.

Targeting these opportunities involves developing long-form, extremely detailed blog posts optimised for each customer segment and geographic area of operations. Extensive pieces spanning over 1,500 words interlink location references, practitioner experience and project use cases to closely match end user search intent. This signals greater relevance to search algorithms which then elevate the page higher against generic competitors.

Multimedia enhancements via photos, charts and embedded video case studies covering local projects further engages visitors to extend time on page. This metric indicates increased content usefulness to both readers and Google. Tags and internal site links then distribute authority across service and region-specific contractor content silos.

Over 12-24 months, clusters of thoughtful niche pieces – Promoting unique competencies grounded in different area customer preferences – collectively deliver measurable boosts in qualified traffic and conversions.

Tip 4: Build Backlinks From Local and Industry Websites

Google evaluates websites by the quality and theme diversity of sites deliberately linking back to them. Known as backlinks, these effectively represent “votes” of endorsement passed onto connected pages which accumulate over time.

Industry research shows top construction and trade services companies generate backlinks from other complementary yet non-competitive industry sources as a primary SEO lever. These include:

  • Local business partnerships – gyms, caterers etc
  • Regional news and online publications
  • Trade publications and industry blogs
  • Architectural magazines and building websites
  • Professional bodies and membership panels

Examples range from contractor contributed articles in builder forums to official staff profiles as accredited specialists on chamber directories. Featured listings within vendor sections on architecture hub sites also become valuable contextually relevant niche backlinks. Promotional assets like downloadable guides or building cost calculators similarly establish reciprocal value.

Creating and tracking such high quality placements underscores integrity and professional standing to search engines which then preferentially increase website visibility. While avoiding questionable schemes, sustainable contractor link building channels prove pivotal for sealing expert page one Google rankings.

Tip 5: Track Rankings Over Time To Optimise Further

Because SEO involves gradual progress across multiple concurrent indicators, contractors must track website search visibility and engagement month to month using available analytics tools.

Google Search Console illustrates core keyword rankings progress plus diagnostics on technical strengths and gaps holding pages back. Google Analytics further segments visitor traffic by source and landing page behaviour. When combined with rank checkers like SEMRush, data uncovers new localisation and service phrase possibilities where gap opportunities become apparent to target further.

Correlating ranking gains to metrics like quote form submissions or phone call inquiries from linked GMB listings also helps calculate SEO-derived ROI. This illustrates hard commercial returns at play rather than just nominal website vanity metrics to justify further spend.

With data on visitor interests, content consumption and conversions over time, contractors sharpen SEO efforts on terms demonstrating the greatest customer demand. Tracking informs strategies to publish additional niche content, backlink placements and review signals that inch pages continually up results towards coveted page one positions.

Summary of our top 5 SEO tips for construction companies

In closing, with over 93% of construction purchasing journeys now involving online research, sustaining visibility within Google is an imperative contractors cannot ignore if customer leads are to remain consistent long term.

Thriving brands dedicate resource to mastering core SEO foundations – optimising online profiles, generating reviews, developing location-specific content, securing backlinks and monitoring analytics. Combining technology with ongoing experimentation and refinement generates tangible returns on investment over quarters, not just years.

Without proactive SEO, contractors waste money driving awareness through traditional channels that fail to capture buyers at the exact moment of search intent. By consciously designing sites to tightly integrate with search engine capabilities, however, contractors control customer engagement and conversions far beyond typical industry ratios.


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