The Benefits of Using Google Ads for Your Business



Over the years, traditional marketing has slowly withered due to the introduction of digital platforms, and businesses are increasingly adopting the internet for marketing. As a result, the internet is now highly cluttered with fierce competition. And, it’s not only businesses using the internet, but consumers too are exploiting it to make purchasing decisions.

With a chaotic internet space, businesses need to clear the mess and reach their targeted audience. Fortunately, Google Ads provides a one-stop solution that delivers the desired outcomes. So, what are the benefits of Google Ads?

Find Customers Targeting Your Keywords

When using Ads Advertisers usually choose phrase match or exact keywords to ensure that the advertisement targets the relevant keywords. Ads RLSA has features that enable you to smartly use broad match keywords and choose RLSA audience for that campaign.

Targeting RSLA audience enables you to expand the search query for the users who’ve already your site with the assurance that their search will be close to your product or service. The result is that search options for revisiting traffic become broad.

Learn More about Your Customer Demographics

Often, advertisers emphasis so much on keyword-level targeting that they end up ignoring the person performing the search. However, for advisers to reach their targeted audience, demographic targeting in Google Ads is essential. Thanks to Google Ads, demographic targeting options are now available on the “Demographics” sub tab of the “Audiences” tab.

Ads demographic targeting enables advertisers to reach a specific group based on gender, parental status, age, and household income. With Google Search demographics, advertisers can refine their targeting to a subtler level, enabling them to improve their reach while minimising wasted ad spends.

Based on user settings and account activity, Google collects information which advertisers use to layer in demographic targeting to their campaigns. By so doing, advertisers can enhance their ability to get their desired audience. Additionally, from the information obtained, marketers can test waters outside their typical audience.

Chance to Get New Customers Fast

A Google Adss campaign ensures that your company claims a spot in the sponsored ad segment above the organic search results. Therefore, Ads campaigns, unlike traditional forms of advertising, are more cost-effective, have defined target audiences, and can be optimised to improve on ROI.

Google analytics is a potent tool for lead generation. With correctly set up campaigns, google analytics can send highly targeted leads to your website or opt-in form. As mentioned, Google Ads helps you to focus on those searching for what you are offering. Therefore, you can repeatedly refine your searches only to allow those interested in your products or services to get to your website.

Google Ads provides lots of mobile optimisation options and enables you to target using both image ads and text ads. For example, if you want to market a neighborhood coffee shop, mobile ads can be ideal. Your prospective customer(s) may be outside your premises when searching for your product. As they search for a nearby coffee shop, your mobile optimised as will immediately show up. And just like that, you have a new customer!

To enable your ads to reach audiences using different devices, your device should be set at “All” in default mode. By so doing, you will target all devices. Alternatively, your aim may be to focus heavily on users using mobile phones, and the option is available.

Ads also enables you to target specific countries, locations within states, and radius targeting. With Ads, you can decide to exclude particular areas even in your radius targeting.

Additionally, Google Ads lets you decide on the time/ day you want your ads to run. It isn’t necessary for your ads to run on a 24/7 basis because you have to look at parameters such as service, product, Industry, niche, and historical data. Scheduling your adverts at specific times not only enables you to increase your ROI per ad spend but also improves your chances of getting new customers,

Set your ad Budgets

If you’ve ever used the traditional channels of advertising, then you know that you have to pay a specific fee for every ad you run. Compared to a Google Ads campaign which allows you to set a budget for each ad- and you can change it, as you wish. If your ad is doing well, you can increase your ad spend to improve the results. On the other hand, if the ad has minimal impressions, you stop it or decrease the ad spend.

So, if you have an ad, it is appropriate to start with a minimal budget per day as you track its performance. Based on your ad’s ROI, adjust your budget to suit the objectives of your campaign.

Outrank Competitor Ads

In traditional advertising, we have seen brands fight for billboard space. Similarly, Google Ads advertisers face a lot of challenges trying to get visibility on top of web pages, thereby creating a very competitive advertising landscape. Therefore, competitor targeting is a very critical strategy when advertising on Google.

Let’s picture a scenario where you are facing very tight competition from one of your competitor brands. With such a situation, it is clear that you must be sharing prospective sales. If you are using Google Ads, its outrank share report will vividly show you that your competitor outranks you on the Google platform. Fortunately, with Google Ads, you only need to select the automatic bidding strategies in “Target Outrank” to modify your bid to outrank your competition. The ability to exceed your competitor is one of the most favorable benefits of Google Ads.

Conclusively, Google Ads is a very effective way of reaching your prospective customers, driving traffic to your site and finally increasing your sales. But you need to understand how Ads will help you achieve all these benefits before you spend your money on an ad campaign. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the benefits.

Whatever you want to discuss, we’re always here to help and tell you how we can improve your visibility online. We love to hear about your business goals and how we can develop marketing strategies to help you achieve them. Either give us a call on 0115 882 9950 or send us a message via our website



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