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Build Success Online: Drive Traffic, Leads, and Growth with Our Architectural practice - Focused Digital Marketing

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Rachel Wam Testimonial - Architects - We Are Marketable

“WAM have provided fantastic service from day one. They’ve helped build Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, as well as going the extra mile to explain reports and data to us along the way. Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.”

Rachel, Marketing Manager

Group 2223 - Architects - We Are Marketable

Is Your Architectural practice Struggling to Attract High-Quality Traffic & Leads?

When it comes to securing new contracts and projects for your construction company, the power of digital marketing, especially search engine marketing, is unparalleled.

You’re likely familiar with this. Perhaps you’ve even dabbled in SEO or PPC, only to be met with lacklustre results, contrary to what was promised.

Ben Spray
Ben SprayFounder We Are Marketable
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As the founder of We Are Marketable, I've witnessed the transformative power of targeted digital marketing in the construction sector. Our commitment is not just to deliver results, but to foster trust and understanding in an industry we know well.
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Our Process Focuses On 4 Core Tactics

At We Are Marketable, we focus on what really matters – driving relevant traffic to enhance your brand awareness and generate you more leads. With over 15 years experience in digital marketing working with multiple well known brands, our specialisms in digital marketing strategies resonate with the construction industry and especially architectural practice’s and deliver results.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC ads are the fastest way to get new clients. We get ads live within 14 days and get your phone ringing.

Local & National SEO

Attacking organic Google results in search and the "Maps Pack" organically for profitable PPC keywords helps deliver you more.

Lead Generation

Traffic is only part of the solution we deliver high value traffic and know how to convert these into leads too.

Social Ads

Your idea customer is not just in Google, they are also hanging out on social and we can get your message in front of these people.

Here’s How We’ll Get You results

We transform the digital presence of architects with our five-stage digital marketing framework. Our methodology is crafted to meet the specific needs of the construction industry, The execution of our plans is meticulous, ensuring every detail is fine-tuned for maximum impact. 

With We Are Marketable, embark on a journey to elevate your construction business in the digital world.

Understanding Your Business

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your architectural practice, understanding your market position, unique selling propositions, and target audience. Our team delves into your competitive landscape to tailor a digital marketing strategy that resonates with your brand and goals.

Tailored Strategies

Leveraging the insights from our analysis, we use our framework to craft bespoke digital marketing strategy. This may includes a mix of SEO, PPC, and social media advertising, all designed to effectively reach and engage your ideal construction clientele. Our strategies are not one-size-fits-all but are uniquely adapted to the nuances of the construction sector.

Execution with Precision

With a strategy in place, our team meticulously implements each agreed component, like optimising your website for relevant architect keywords to launching targeted PPC campaigns and targeted social ads We ensure every action is aligned with the goal of driving quality traffic and generating valuable leads.

Continuous Monitoring

Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation. We continuously monitor the performance of all campaigns, using real-time data to make informed adjustments. This approach ensures that your digital marketing efforts remain effective and responsive to market trends and customer behaviour in the construction industry.

Reporting & Communication

Regular reports are provided to keep you informed of the progress and results. We believe in transparent communication, ensuring you understand the impact of our digital marketing efforts on your architectural practice. Our reports are easy to understand, focusing on key performance indicators and actionable insights.

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Stop your business being f**king average....

Steve Broughton Wam Testimonial - Architects - We Are Marketable

“We Are Marketable has worked for us for many years now in the capacity of SEO and PPC campaign set up and management. The reason that our business has retained their expertise is the results he has helped us achieve in terms of positive increase in conversions, traffic and rankings year on year”

Steve Broughton, Founder The Safe Group


Our Clients Get More traffic and leads

Are you ready to elevate your architectural practice like our clients have? Get in touch today – let’s discuss how we can drive more traffic and leads to your site. No contracts, just a partnership geared towards your growth. 

Our marketing frameworks deliver results across the construction industry

Our lead generation strategy has been proven to work for all types of construction focused businesses, no matter where you’re located or what type of business you are. We have proven digital marketing results time and time again to help construction based businesses get more targeted traffic and more leads.



Here’s Why You Should Work With Us

Av2 - Architects - We Are Marketable

15+ Years Experience

We have been generating leads for many business and use this experience to grow you!

Stayv2 - Architects - We Are Marketable

No Contract

Why should we tie you into long terms contracts, when you know you can deliver you don’t have to.

Symv2 - Architects - We Are Marketable

Faster Results

Our knowledge and understanding of the construction industry gets you better results faster, using our digital marketing frameworks.


Most Digital Marketing Agencies Miss the Mark.

They're fixated on 'traffic' or 'brand awareness', while we're dedicated to cultivating your business growth.

Many agencies fall short when it comes to serving construction companies. Their strategies are outdated, and they lack a deep understanding of the intricacies of your industry.

I’ve been partnering with architects for over a decade, and I understand what truly matters to you.

It’s not just about rankings, traffic, or flashy analytics. It’s about tangible results – more projects, more contracts, more growth.

Our entire process is designed with this objective at the forefront, making us exceptionally effective in our field.

From our operational methods to our digital marketing frameworks, we’re not here to charge you for superficial tasks. Our mission is to empower your construction business to scale new heights.

With We Are Marketable, it’s not just marketing; it’s building the foundation for your continued success.

Ben Spray, We Are Marketable
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We Are Marketable Team Strategy - Architects - We Are Marketable


WAM is a full-service digital marketing agency, specialising in working with architectural practice’s. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to deliver you the right leads and sales into your business. 

We are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses online, and we have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you succeed. Below are some of the main digital marketing services we provide to architectural practice.

If you’re looking to drive more targeted traffic and increase organic search engine rankings for your construction business, look no further than We Are Marketable. We understand how to develop effective SEO campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of the construction industry, either local or national SEO campaigns. Our team has the skills and experience to create content that targets the right audience. With our focused approach to SEO, we can help you get found online more easily and quickly.

Google Ads can be an effective way to reach potential customers, drive awareness and increase visits to your construction business. We have a wealth of experience within the industry delivering targeted PPC campaigns for all types of construction businesses.

With our knowledge on the ability to customise your ad campaigns and target specific audiences, Google Ads allows you to focus on the people who are most likely to become customers. And with features like remarketing, you can re-engage customers who have already visited your website. At We Are Marketable, we understand how to use Google Ads for maximum effect in the construction industry

Do you need to drive more leads for your construction business?  We have the expertise and experience to create targeted lead generation campaigns that are specifically tailored to the construction industry. Our team knows how to use data-driven insights, creative copywriting, and smart targeting strategies to reach your desired audience and turn them into customers. With our focused approach to lead generation, we can help you get the results you need.

Do you have a social media presence for your construction business? If so, We Are Marketable can help you create a targeted lead generating ad campaign that will get the right message to the right people. Our team has extensive experience creating custom campaigns that use compelling visuals, interesting copy, and strategic targeting to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. We also understand how to measure success and continually optimise your ad campaigns for maximum return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about our targeted social media lead generation services for the construction industry.

If you are looking to maximise the success of your construction business, a targeted sales funnel is the perfect solution. Our digital marketing agency can help you create customised sales funnels that are specifically tailored to fit the needs of your business and your desired customer base. Our team has extensive experience building sales funnels from the ground up, with the goal of generating leads, converting them into paying customers, and measuring success along the way.



Google Ads is an online advertising platform where businesses can pay to display ads in order to reach a wider audience and generate leads for the local service based business. The Google Ads platform offers a variety of ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, which can be targeted to specific audiences based on their location, interests, and other factors. This helps to generate more leads for your business

Google Ads works by auctioning off ad space to the highest bidder to rank higher within search results. When someone searches for a term that is relevant to your business, your ad may appear in the search results with the goal to be at the top to generate more traffic. The amount you pay for your ad depends on how much competition there is for that particular keyword

Google Ads can be an effective way to reach new customers and generate leads. The platform offers a variety of ad formats and allows you to target your ads to a specific audience. Additionally, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you can control your budget. This can be targeted at the exact keywords that are right for you business.

There are four main types of Google ads: text ads, image ads, video ads, and rich media ads. Text ads are the most common and basic type of ad, while rich media ads are the most complex and interactive. Video and image ads fall somewhere in between these two extremes and can be used to target people in the different stages of the buying cycle.

When choosing a Google Ads Agency, you should consider the size of the agency, its experience, its success rate, and its customer service. We Are Marketable is a good Google Ads Agency because we are experienced, successful, and offer great customer service. The benefits of working with a Google Ads Agency include getting more traffic to your website, improving your website’s conversion rate, and saving time and money.

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are both online advertising platforms that allow businesses to place ads on google.com and other websites. Google Ads is the largest online advertising platform, while Microsoft Ads is the second largest. Both platforms offer similar features. 

Using both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can help you reach more potential customers online. Each platform has a different audience, so by advertising on both, you can reach a wider range of people. Additionally, using both platforms can help you get more leads for your business.

Microsoft ads are a form of advertising that allows businesses to promote their products or services on the Microsoft network. This includes Bing, Yahoo, and other websites that are powered by Microsoft.

Microsoft ads can be very effective for businesses because they offer a lower cost per click than other forms of online advertising. They also allow businesses to target their audience more specifically, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Microsoft / Bing Ads can be a great way to generate leads for local businesses. Here are some things to consider when determining if they are right for your business:

-What is your budget? Microsoft / Bing Ads can be expensive, so you need to make sure you have the budget to sustain a long-term campaign.

-What is your target market? If your target market is not using Microsoft / Bing, then advertising on this platform may not be effective.

-What are your goals? You need to have clear goals set before starting a campaign so that you can measure its success. Otherwise, you may just be wasting money.

Yes, businesses can make money with Bing Ads. By driving more traffic to your website, you can increase your chances of making a sale and generating revenue. To learn more about how to optimize your Bing Ads campaigns, contact a specialise Microsoft ads agency like We Are Marketable.