How to sell your website to local customers



You now know what your current online presence is and you’ve optimised your Google My Business listing to get better visibility across Google Maps. The next stage is to examine the content on your website to ensure what you’re saying aligns with the type of customers you’re trying to attract and it also puts across the correct message to them.

To make things simple we’ll go through the home page of our website to show you how to do this which you can then apply to your own website. All you have to do is take what you’ve learnt here and go through each page one-by-one making changes to the imagery and copy to better align with what you want your business to say.
Don’t worry it’s not too hard to do if you follow along…

1. GRab their attention!!!!!!!!

Use a strong image on each page and a bold statement to grab the users attention. Secondary headings can outline more about what you do as a business and how your services can benefit your customers. Always remember who your customers are and align the images and wording to fit in to how you would talk to them. If you’re speaking to non-techy customers don’t start waffling on with highly technical jargon as it will just bore them and put them off.

2. Stimulate their interest

Now you have the users attention the next stage is to interest them with a few facts about what your product or service can do for them. Outline what you’ve done for other customers and how it has benefited them. Keep it brief and to the point but also link to more in-depth pages that will give greater details if needed as some users may want to know more.

3. Don’t confuse them

This may sound obvious but we’ve all been on websites which look amazing but you sit there trying to work out what the actual business does. Don’t waste a valuable visitor to your website and be direct about the products and services you offer. List these out and have links to pages with more detail if they want to know more.

4. get them to do something 

Now they understand what you do and how this can help them the final stage is to get them to take some action. This can be any number of things but they main two will be getting them to either call you or fill in a form. Don’t be shy about asking them to do this and make sure that all phone numbers can be clicked and called on mobiles. Check the forms on your website work and go to a working email address you have access to.


Whatever you want to discuss, we’re always here to help and tell you how we can improve your visibility online. We love to hear about your business goals and how we can develop marketing strategies to help you achieve them. Either give us a call on 0115 882 9950 or send us a message via our website

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