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How construction companies can use social media and video marketing effectively

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While 94% of construction firms now engage social media, most still struggle converting platforms into sales. Sporadic posting and misaligned tactics waste potential. However, lessons from industry leaders successfully attracting customers via social reveal video-centric strategies resonating deepest with buyers.

Aligning production values and messaging to platform strengths captivates at scale. Construction brands posting inconsistent static content lose ground to creators focused on engaging video that informs and entertains.

This blueprint showcases techniques and distribution tips for construction companies digital marketing to amplify brand visibility and trust through targeted social video marketing.

Research Opportunities

Construction purchasing journeys now involve more online touchpoints than ever. Decision makers browse websites, review industry forums and evaluate video case studies before shortlisting vendors. Content engaging across channels builds familiarity and trust faster for newer brands versus competitors.

Yet with over 60% of buyers needing five or more interactions before sales calls, construction firms must nurture leads by solving pain points rather than immediate selling. Video content best achieves this by showcasing step-by-step guidance around the very purchasing factors prospects research most.

Analytics reveals customers predominantly want insights on:

  • Project and material options to aid decision making
  • Cost and budgeting overviews to plan spends
  • Duration and process clarity to coordinate resources

Video also drives higher engagement as 64% of construction searches now happen on mobile devices. So producing relevant clips optimises for key platforms where target users spend time like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Define Audience Personas

Rather than target everyone with a broad brushstroke, laser focus video content by developing detailed buyer personas. Conduct customer and prospect research via surveys and interviews to uncover key attributes around:

  • Demographics – Age, gender, income
  • Values – Quality, community, sustainability
  • Challenges – Cost, complexity, timelines
  • Goals – Renovation styles, smart capabilities

Collective insights identify precisely which groups to guide through their buyer journey with helpful, empathetic video messaging. Align content formats and platform strategies to reach personas based on media preferences revealed.

Establish Brand Guidelines

Professional corporate videos require lighting, camera work and editing polish on par with TV commercials. While production teams help long term, initial budgets often limit in-house creative.

The good news is modern smartphones now enable anyone to self-produce quality video content themselves with minimal gear. Tripods, microphones and basic editing apps overcome amateur results. Maintaining consistent branding and style also keeps production efficient to publish at scale.

Define guidelines for contractors covering:

  • Shot framing – consistent perspective and composition
  • Lower thirds – titling conventions identifying company experts / services
  • Brand assets – logo, color palettes, graphics, and music bed
  • Title sequences – animations introducing video series

Guidelines allow decentralised shooting across a team while retaining cohesive company identity. Overlay these foundations with persona messaging relevance.

Choose Video Content Formats

While documented project case studies make sense for completed representations, social success involves a mix of educational and behind-the-scenes content. Consider developmental formats like:

  • Expert explainers – concise tutorials on construction principles
  • Progress reels – compilations documenting builds week-to-week
  • Company culture – employee and workplace snippets
  • Industry commentary – news analysis from company lens
  • FAQs – answering common customer questions
  • Event coverage – groundbreakings and project milestones

Blending corporate demonstrations and third-party validations also lends credibility for knowledge. Document community initiatives showing values in action when appropriate.

Shorter clips under two minutes extend retention for mobile viewers reluctant to commit initially. Utilise links, end cards and captions to funnel audiences to website conversion points after video consumption.

Optimise for Each Platform

With distinct audiences and algorithms, optimise video traits catering to strengths of each social media platform for maximum engagement.

Optimisation factors include catchy thumbnails, deep keyword targeting in titles/descriptions and consistency feeding subscriber intent. Curate playlists around popular themes to binge retain viewers.

Natively uploaded episodic video content focused on education and inspiration aligns well to newsfeed behaviours with strong returns from under $100 ad promoting.

Vibrant images, Stories and Reels attract the highly-desired millennials and gen X construction buyers here. Leverage link stickers to transition viewers to full case studies. Hashtag niche trade or supplier partners also expands reach.

B2B success comes from company page videos highlighting industry leadership, unique methodologies and workplace culture alongside employee spotlights. Keep clips short and professional.

Measure ROI

Proactively monitoring measurable impact across each channel determines optimal resource allocation moving forward.


  • Views – Raw eyeballs reached as initial indicator
  • Engagement – Likes, comments and shares signifying relevance
  • Conversions – Site traffic referred and sales won
  • Sentiment – Positive commentary and ratings

Pinpointing popular series and presenters converts vanilla company descriptions into trusted household names recognised for expertise. Video analytics refines understanding on resonating areas to double down on in programming.

2023 industry surveys reveal video marketing now generates 66% higher conversion rates for just 12% more spend. With informed strategies aligned to platform behaviours, construction brands transform social visibility into measurable sales turning followers into customers.

Summary of video and social media marketing

In closing, construction companies denying changing buyer habits lose ground to proactive adopters racing ahead in capturing new business through social video effectiveness. This potential grows exponentially as younger homeowner generations – already accustomed to researching via explainer content before purchases – enter peak household formation and property spending stages in years ahead.

Savvy builders must phase static flyers and brochures now ineffective for digitally-enabled purchasers expecting to self-educate even on major contracting decisions. Social video bridges this expectation gap. Resources dedicated to informed production and distribution strategies enable construction brands to take center stage while competitors cling to outdated modes struggling for shrinking relevance.

With strong evidence that video content secures trust and sales faster across buyer journeys, delaying adoption any further puts construction business futures in self-imposed jeopardy. Visionary leaders however understand that leaning into this next evolution of customer engagement both sustains and steers marketplace control for years ahead.


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