The rapid rise of social media was noticed by businesses and brands of all sizes. Facebook particularly grabbed the attention of business owners and marketers alike. Combine this with the future rapid decline of organic reach business pages began to notice and the use of paid Facebook ads became a key tool for any business that wants to grow brand awareness and generate conversions.

Facebook ads can be used to promote and generate leads for any business (if they are done correctly). However, due to the fast rise in popularity, many advertisers go in blindly setting up ads often making crucial errors that will increase costs and mean a lower chance of a conversion.

This article will highlight some of these common mistakes and offer simple solutions to help you lower your ads costs and increase the chances of conversions.

Mistake 1: Incorrect Ad Placements
When businesses first run ads they are likely to run the ads targeted at a custom audience that has been created via location, age gender and detailed targeting. This, as a rule, is usually fine for an initial advert.

The next part of the Ad creation, however, is often ignored as Facebook has automatic placements as the default and recommended setting. This leads to your advert being shown in a potential 12 different sections of Facebook including in the Facebook audience network where Ads are shown within different mobile apps. The most common problem for this is that it can lead to a lot of accidental ads clicks which not only drive up CPC but also will waste away your ad budget.

Solution: Using the edit placements options allows you to manually choose the places to show your ad. It’s recommended by many Facebook Ads experts that adverts that are running to a cold audience (an audience that is unfamiliar with your product) the ad should be shown on Facebook newsfeed only.


Mistake 2: Audience location and location targeting
Selecting the location you want to run your ads in is one of the most important factors to the success of the ad. It is essential especially for smaller businesses to target the right location, not just the right city but the correct people in that city particularly if your business is based in a city with vibrant tourism.
This breaks down into two common mistakes.

Location mistake A: Being too broad with your location targeting

Location mistake B: Targeting everyone in the area

Solution: Postcode targeting is one tip that can improve the success rates of Facebook Ads for smaller local businesses. Typing in the postcodes closest to your business allows you to target the people most likely to convert.
The other solution to a common audience location targeting mistake is to target “people who live in this location” rather than “everyone in this location”. This will allow you to avoid people who are just visiting for a day.
There are expectations for this rule if you are running ads for a business that benefits people who are travelling or just visiting the location for the day you can target them directly from the dropdown as well.


Mistake 3: Boring Creative

A boring advert won’t grab anyone’s attention this will lead to your ad both being not favoured by Facebook and unlikely to bring a good ROI. Using a bland image or just simply some text on an image doesn’t appeal to your audience or impress potential customers.

Solution: Making a promo video can be expensive and time-consuming, however, apps like canva make it extremely easy to make to create images for your ads and they even supply you with templates perfectly sized for Facebook ads.

Mistake 4: Not doing spilt tests for adverts.
Split testing allows you to create two different versions of your ad with different variables to find out what creates the most engagement for the advert. Advertisers often ignore doing spilt tests that can potentially lead to a lack of engagement in the ads and higher costs.

Solution: You can run split tests yourself by creating a duplicate advert to the original ad and making changes to your desired variables. Facebook also allows advertisers to use their guided creation to create spilt tests, this would be recommended for new advertisers.

Mistake 5: Not making use of current customers and visitors

Customer lifetime value is crucial for all businesses to get the most out of CLV businesses that require customers to come back. Facebook ads are a great way to engage with past customers and remind them about your business. Many advertisers ignore customer lists, re-marketing and location ads that are key to advertising to current and past customers.

Solution: The best way to capture current audiences from your website is to install Facebook tracking pixels, these pixels are a piece of code on your website that allows you to create retargeting ads. You can set up event targeting to ensure you run adverts on anyone who has purchased from you in the past.

Another way you can re-target current and past customers is through contact lists if you have the phone number or email addresses Facebook can use this to create an audience that you can advertise to.


Whether you are a facebook ads novice or an experienced user, why not get in touch with our marketing experts today?


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