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How construction companies can use social media and video marketing effectively

Video And Social Media Marketing Construction - How Construction Companies Can Use Social Media And Video Marketing Effectively - We Are Marketable

While 94% of construction firms now engage social media, most still struggle converting platforms into sales. Sporadic posting and misaligned tactics waste potential. However, lessons from industry leaders successfully attracting customers via social reveal video-centric strategies resonating deepest with buyers. Aligning production values and messaging to platform strengths captivates at scale. Construction brands posting inconsistent […]

PPC for Construction companies – A guide to excel within Google

Ppc Tips Construction Companies - Ppc For Construction Companies - A Guide To Excel Within Google - We Are Marketable

In competitive markets like construction, winning new business increasingly happens online. With 93% of building searches originating on Google, contractor visibility hinges on securing page one exposure. Alongside organic rankings via SEO requiring gradual effort over months, paid search instantly puts brands in front of motivated website visitors. Known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, this innovative […]

Top 5 SEO tips for Construction Companies to help in increase ranking within Google

Seo Tips Construction Companies - Top 5 Seo Tips For Construction Companies To Help In Increase Ranking Within Google - We Are Marketable

In today’s digital marketplace, robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies determine lead generation success for contractors. With 93% of prospects researching purchases online, brands without an integrated SEO program lose considerable sales opportunities within key referral channels like Google. Local customer searches for terms like “best kitchen extension builders in Birmingham” or “Edinburgh architect commercial […]

What digital marketing technologies are best for the construction industry

Digital Marketing Tecnology - What Digital Marketing Technologies Are Best For The Construction Industry - We Are Marketable

The rapid pace of martech (marketing technology) innovation provides new opportunities for construction companies to engage prospects digitally. However, with limited budgets and expertise, builders should focus investment on proven platforms driving the highest ROI first. These well-established technologies provide the core infrastructure to cost-effectively jumpstart digital marketing activities. After analysing the largest global survey […]

What are the main 4 areas of digital marketing construction companies should focus on

Construction Business Digital Marketing Seo Ppc - What Are The Main 4 Areas Of Digital Marketing Construction Companies Should Focus On - We Are Marketable

Implementing digital marketing is no longer an option but a necessity for construction companies to gain competitive advantage. However, with limited resources and expertise, it’s crucial to focus efforts on key strategies with maximum impact and ROI. According to recent industry surveys, there are four fundamental pillars construction brands should prioritise around digital marketing: Search […]

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Construction Businesses

Construction Digital Marketing - Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Construction Businesses - We Are Marketable

The construction industry has traditionally lagged behind others when adopting new technology and digital strategies. However, as customer expectations shift along with increasing online competition, construction companies cannot afford to avoid digital channels any longer. Implementing digital marketing delivers measurable benefits that impact a construction firm’s bottom line. Here we explore exactly why digital marketing […]

How to do digital marketing for contractors – Our best tips and advice

Constractors Digital Marketing - How To Do Digital Marketing For Contractors - Our Best Tips And Advice - We Are Marketable

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial for reaching customers and remaining competitive—and that goes for contractors as much as any other industry. However, many contractors don’t know where to start when it comes to digital marketing or have limited resources to dedicate to it. Implementing some fundamental best practices though doesn’t […]