Social Media Marketing


Social media is a huge part of a business’ online presence and can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool if used effectively. It allows customers to share experiences, read and leave reviews, find out about special offers or events, and learn more about a company and its values.

We know that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aren’t necessarily your biggest priority when you’re maintaining a business, and a successful social media campaign requires an ongoing time commitment. Working with Marketable allows you to benefit from our expertise in social media for business, giving your in-house resources more time to focus on other projects.

…We work with you to understand your company and develop a social media strategy that connects you with your customers, helping to build trust and brand identity, which are essential for success in a digital age.
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Talk is one thing but you want to see results. Every piece of work that we do is an achievement and we’re proud to share not just our success but the success of our clients. Maybe we’re showing off but once you take a look, you’ll understand why.

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