Digital Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimisation
Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll have other companies vying for the same customers. Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps you to compete by boosting the visibility of your website, targeting high-quality leads that convert into sales. Marketable work with you to get to know your needs and to develop and manage an SEO strategy that works for you.
Pay Per Click
Marketable can give you a full PPC management service, using our in-depth knowledge to analyse keywords and target demographics to ensure that your budget is used effectively. We monitor your AdWords campaigns and adjust them as necessary, so you’re not paying for adverts that don’t work.
Social Media
Social media is an important digital marketing tool but many companies don’t have the time to devote to it. We work with you to develop an ongoing social media campaign that provides a positive online presence and allows you to connect with your customers without tying up your in-house resources.
Content Marketing
Content marketing helps you to deliver answers to your potential customers before they’ve even made contact. Providing accurate, valuable content demonstrates your industry expertise and gets your name out there. Marketable will plan, create and promote unique pieces tailored to your needs.
Conversion Optimisation
Our CRO service entails monitoring visitor behaviour to detect weaknesses that might be causing lost revenue. Through analysis, testing and alteration, we take action to improve your website’s performance, providing a greater return on investment.